Marine biology with a cephalopod twist...

Overview and Background

Finding Dory - Special Features!

Stars from the Disney Channel show 'Stuck In The Middle' debut Special Looks at Finding Dory from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Join Bret Grasse and the Disney crew as they meet an octopus  in the Special Features of the new Finding Dory blue-ray DVD! 

Nat Geo Wild presents - MAN VS OCTOPUS!  Nat Geo Wild reveals the hidden secrets of this incredible predator.  Click 'Remind Me To Watch' so you don't miss the next time it airs! *feat Bret Grasse (scientific advisor)

Teaser clip from Nat Geo Wild's MAN VS OCTOPUS.  Just how smart are octopuses? One’s put to the test in this watch-and-learn challenge.