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"In 2014 we were able to succeed in creating the world's first large-scale cephalopod exhibition thanks to Bret's detail oriented work, innovative prototypes, and expertise with cephalopods. Bret possesses a unique creativity that contributes to his successes, everything from revolutionary system design to culturing novel species. His pioneer work will leave a lasting impression on the Monterey Bay Aquarium."

-Randy Hamilton 

Vice President of Husbandry, Monterey Bay Aquarium 1982-2018 

"Bret has made a significant contribution in helping the research community expand and introduce several new labs, including our own lab at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), to this exciting cephalopod model.  Bret’s expertise in developing new and improving current cephalopod model systems, especially those that are relevant for molecular research, is unparalleled."

-Dr. Oleg Simakov

Scientist/Group Leader,  University of Vienna

"Bret shared his deep knowledge and brilliant technical facility in the construction of our state-of-the-art cuttlefish facility including breeding systems, a prey holding system and multiple behavior tanks. The entire lab is appreciative of his contribution and is thankful for a most pleasurable and effective collaboration. "

-Dr. Richard Axel (awarded Nobel Prize, 2004)

Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Columbia University

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Laboratory Design and Construction

Design and develop world class cephalopod laboratories that optimize lab space and budget.

Consultation Services 

Understand what it take to work with cephalopods, whether it's creating a public display, planing a laboratory or filming production. 

On-camera Talent

On-camera talent with experience discussing a wide variety of marine organisms

Animal Procurement

Access a wide network of diverse cephalopod species.  Find out where and how to get your ideal cephalopod.

Bret Grasse is an extremely knowledgeable cephalopod biologist who is very charismatic and passionate in person and on camera. He's one of those rare experts who knows the complicated science but can also communicate it in a clear and concise way. He understands the needs of video production and was a true asset to filming cephalopod behaviors!

-Hayes Baxley

Producer (National Geographic, PBS, Discovery Chanel)

"We brought him out to Portland to help us design and set up a cephalopod friendly sea water system, which he then proceeded to colonize it with a dazzling array of cuttlefish and squid.  ...he brings with him an encyclopedic knowledge of cephalopods."

-Dr. Paul Brehm

Senior Scientist/Professor, Oregon Health and Science University

Bret Grasse was the featured presenter for our first ever Tentacle Festival at critters@Lembeh Resort (Indonesia) in July 2017.  The Tentacle Festival was a resounding success on both counts thanks to Bret's professionalism and obvious passion for sharing his knowledge. I would highly recommend Bret as a featured speaker / educator for such an event or other ceph-related programs, whether for general public or other professionals in the field

-Lauren Siba

Director of Dive Operations, Lembeh Resort, Indonesia

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